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Research opportunities at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute
The Alliance of Civilizations Institute aims to provide opportunities for graduate students and other researchers interested in Civilization Studies. The institute encourages high-quality and interdisciplinary studies in various fields of research.
The ACI is a pioneering model for research in Civilization Studies involving different perspectives and various research centres have been established within the institute to support such studies. Currently, active centres at the institute are as follows:


  • Munazara and Argumentation Ethics Center - ArguMunazara

The research centre aims to contribute to the theoretical development and application of argumentation theory, and to the practical application of the art of debate, taking into account the dimensions of critical thinking and ethical action. Among the goals of the centre is to redefine and transform Munazara into a fruitful framework by compiling both traditional and contemporary research. 
To find out more about the activities and opportunities at the centre, please visit the ArguMunazara website: https://argumunazara.ihu.edu.tr/


  • Center for Japanese Studies 

The centre, established in 2020, aims to bring together the academic research and publication activities of different disciplines within the university under the roof of a multidisciplinary research and application centre.
Contact: japan@ihu.edu.tr



Becoming a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Student

The Alliance of Civilizations Institute hosts university professors, researchers and graduate students from other institutions, with independent funding, keen to carry out research and take advantage of the resources and services the Institute has to offer (library, workspace, interaction with faculty members and students) and its unique location in the heart of Istanbul. If you are interested in coming to ACI as a Visiting Scholar or Researcher, you should first contact the institute and faculty member related to the research you will be undertaking. Please see the Faculty section of this website for a full list of academics and their research expertise and interests.