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Remembering Ibn Khaldun

Remembering Ibn Khaldun
With immense pleasure and gratitude, Umran Green Perspective Foundation announces the inauguration of an annual commemoration of Ibn Khaldun’s birth on the 27th of May. Ibn Khaldun’s contribution of 'ilm for humanity, the environment, and civilization has constituted one of the guiding doctrines for Umran both spiritually and materially. Thus, it is our privilege and honor to celebrate his birthday as our Foundation Day as well. The event shall gather various students, scholars, and organizations who are inspired by this great luminary in order to engage with the concept of Umran. Let this event be the beginning of a global celebration of the illustrious Ibn Khaldun. 
However, we will hold this event on Saturday, May 28th, at 4:00 p.m. Istanbul time.
Click the link for more information - https://umran.org.in/remembering-ibn-khaldun/