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Graduate Study Abroad Support Scholarship Applications



Ibn Haldun University (IHU) welcomes T.R. students who will do their PhD in universities that are among the top 100 in international rankings every year. It will provide Postgraduate International Education Support Scholarship (LEDEB) to 5 academician candidates who are nationals. These people belong to IHU;

Graduate candidates and from our graduates will be selected provided that they meet the application criteria. The selection process will be carried out by the Scholarship Commission.

If more than 5 people apply for the scholarship in question, the applications will be evaluated by the Scholarship Commission to ensure a balanced distribution, taking into account the needs of the departments.


Within the scope of the Support Scholarship, the following principles will be followed.

Education Expenses

Tuition fees will not be covered by IHU.

Living Expenses

Within the scope of LEDEB, monthly living expenses will be given according to the country and living conditions. In determining this figure, the most recently announced amounts in the list in the Annex of the "Communiqué on Payments to be Made to Students Studying Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Abroad" by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) for each country will be taken into consideration. This amount will be 50% more for married scholars.

One-Time Round Trip Flight Ticket

A one-time round-trip flight ticket will be covered, up to a maximum of USD 2,000. The purchase of the ticket in question will be made after receiving the official acceptance letter from the relevant university and completing the Scholarship Commission approval process.

Exam Fees Required for Admission

In cases where it is required for application to international universities or after receiving conditional acceptance from these universities, exam fees such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, which are required as criteria for full acceptance to the university, will be covered by IHU. The first payment to cover these fees will be made by the student and will be requested from IHU after acceptance.

Program Application Fees of Universities in International Rankings

For PhD Program candidates whose possibility of benefiting from the support is approved by the Scholarship Commission, application fees to the graduate programs of a maximum of 2 (two) universities will be covered by IHU. The first payment to cover these fees will be made by the student and will be requested from IHU after acceptance.

Mandatory Travel Insurance and Visa Expenses

Mandatory travel insurance and visa expenses will be covered by IHU. The first payment to cover these fees will be made by the student and will be requested from IHU after acceptance.


The support scholarship given for the Integrated Doctoral Program will cover a maximum of 6 years, and the support scholarship given for the regular Doctoral Program will cover a maximum of 4 years. During the scholarship period, a periodic evaluation will be made by the Scholarship Commission regarding the success of the students awarded the scholarship at the end of each academic year.

Doctoral Program; In cases where the scholarship is terminated for similar reasons, such as illness or the relevant university terminates the student's membership in the PhD program, or if the beneficiary requests the scholarship to be frozen, the issue will be evaluated by the Scholarship Commission. If the beneficiary has the opportunity to continue at another university that meets the conditions, the scholarship payment can continue. The final decision will be made by the Scholarship Commission whether the university to be attended meets the conditions and whether there is an opportunity to continue the scholarship.


T.R. to have nationality.

Graduating from one of IHU's undergraduate or graduate programs or being a current student in these programs.

For graduates or graduate candidates, the GPA or graduation grade must be at least 3.50.

Receiving acceptance from universities that meet the “Internationally Ranked University” criteria.

In evaluation; Social transcript success during the undergraduate period, projects undertaken during his/her studentship, publications, if any, and other national and international achievements are taken into consideration.


Candidates who want to benefit from the Support Scholarship must have applied to universities abroad with international rankings. In order for the university to be applied to meet the specified criteria, it must be among the top 100 universities according to the lists published last year in Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings or QS World University Rankings. In addition, in the THE World University Rankings by Subject or QS World University Rankings by Subject rankings, there are universities in the top 50 according to the list published in the relevant field last year

In case of acceptance, this situation will be evaluated by the Scholarship Commission.




Compulsory service

Compulsory Service Period is 2 (double) times the education period spent for the purpose of doing a Doctorate or Integrated Doctorate at the accepted universities and represents the compulsory period to serve as an academician at IHU. The duration of education is calculated by calculating the period between the official enrollment day at the accepted university and the diploma date.

Publication Obligation

Students benefiting from the support scholarship are required to publish at least 1 publication in journals at Scopus or WoS Q1 or Q2 level during the PhD Program, and the student is required to indicate IHU affiliation in all publications.

Obligation to Residence Abroad

The student receiving scholarship support must reside abroad, in the country where he/she goes for the PhD Program, for at least 200 days from the actual start date of the PhD Program.

Guarantor Obligation

Students who will benefit from the support scholarship must, in addition to their own surety, nominate one of their first or second degree relatives as their guarantor.

Other Obligations

The student who receives a support scholarship must indicate in his doctoral thesis that he received a scholarship from IHU.


Support scholarship applications can be made between 25 March 2024 and 31 May 2024 for 2024. Applications will be made to the Rectorate Scholarship Commission by completely filling out the form in the link below.

If the students who will apply for a support scholarship are required by the universities to which they apply to respond to the official acceptance letter they received before May 31, 2024, the situation of these students will be specifically evaluated by the Scholarship Commission.