Ph.D. Application


Ph.D. Application (International Applicants)

Application Period: 06.08.2018 – 26.08.2018

Application Deadline: 26.08.2018

Exam dates will be announced later.

Application Process and Required Documents

  • CV
  • Documentation of English Proficiency (see Language requirements for details)
  • GRE, GMAT or similar tests for graduate study are encouraged but not required for application.
  • Copy of undergraduate and graduate diplomas and transcripts
    • Successful students, who will not have graduated by the application deadline, must present their diploma by the time of enrollment. They must submit their diploma at the registration; otherwise, they will lose all earned rights.
    • Documents are accepted only in Turkish, Arabic, German, English and French; other languages must be translated either into English or Turkish. (Originals and official translations into Turkish will be required for enrollment.)
  • Contacts of two references (letters will be asked for after the shortlist)
  • A well-written statement of purpose (two to three pages, in English)
  • Writing sample (in English; if available, applicants may provide a part of their thesis as writing sample)
    • Please make sure to include your name and page number on each page of the writing sample and statement of purpose.
  • If you face problems during the online application process you can also apply by e-mail at


Program Duration

  • The duration of the doctoral program is four years. Students who are not proficient in Turkish must complete an additional one-year Turkish preparatory coursework to pass the required Turkish proficiency examination.

Scholarship and Tuition Fee

  • Scholarships cover the Turkish learning period (maximum one academic year) and the four-year-long doctoral program.
  • Successful applicants will be given positions as RA and TA and be exempt from tuition fees. Students meeting the highest standards of academic excellence and language competence will be given a 2500TL stipend per month.
  • Scholarships are for nine months per year; they do not cover the summer period.
  • Married students and/or PhD candidates, who have successfully completed their comprehensive exams, will be eligible for summer stipends. In toto, married students and post-comprehensive exam PhD candidates will receive stipends for 12 months each year.
  • Scholarships and assistantships awarded are subject to renewal annually.
  • In case of academic failure, scholarships are subject to review by the academic evaluation committee.

Language Requirements


  • Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for starting the course year at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute. Priority will be given to those students who present higher TOEFL or equivalent scores. A minimum score of 78 in TOEFL-IBT or an equivalent score in CAE, CPE, PTE Academic is highly advised for application.


  • Native English speakers or applicants from English-speaking countries are not required to take any English proficiency examination.
  • Successful doctoral applicants, who for country-specific reasons are not able to take an accepted English proficiency examination, MUST present their scores for one by the DATE OF REGISTRATION.


  • Turkish proficiency (C1-Level) is a prerequisite for studying at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute. Therefore, successful international applicants, who do not have documentation for proficiency in Turkish, are going to attend the Turkish language courses of Ibn Haldun University’s School of Languages.


  • International doctoral students, who successfully complete their course period (two semesters), must register either for the foundational Arabic course (six hours per week for two semesters). Alternatively, they may register for the intensive Arabic program (25 hours per week for two semesters). The decision is up to the student.
  • Our Institute offers summer language course grants for successful students to study advanced Arabic in an Arab country.


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Address: Medeniyetler İttifakı Enstitüsü (MEDİT) Süleymaniye Mahallesi Mimar Sinan Caddesi No 38 Fatih İstanbul

E-Mail : *If you encounter any problems during the application process do not hesitate to e-mail us.