The World Should be More Respectful to Muslims

In the “Do Freedoms Unite or Divide” Symposium organized by Alliance of Civilizations Institute (MEDIT) and Brigham Young University, the issue of negotiating the borders of freedom of expression and freedom of religion in a multicultural world was brought up for discussion.

Brigham Young University Director of Law and Religious Studies Centre Dr Cole Durham spoke on the “issue of polarizing discourse in religious aspects”. Durham said that we should be happy for being together within differences and emphasized that freedom of expression and freedom of religion should not polarize people. He said: “Religious sensitivities should not be offended and especially the world should be more respectful to Muslims. Freedom of expression should exist but a line should be drawn for freedom not to include offense”.

In the symposium held in the conference hall of Topkapı Campus on 20-21 November, the academics investigated the two intermixing concepts, the freedom of expression and hate speech, and discussed the importance of human rights in Islamic Civilization, the freedom to wear in French context, the place of Charlie Hebdo cartoons in the freedom of expression and parallel topics.