In Quest of the Self between two civilizations: Autobiography in Postcolonial Francophone Literature of the Maghreb

The presenter of Alliance of Civilization Institute (ACI) Conference Series on this week was our Ph.D. Student Teodora Matic. She presented her previous master thesis titled “In the Quest of Self between two Civilizations”.

Ecological reasoning and decision making in innovation-oriented industry sectors at the periphery of Europe: Reconciling divergent values and interests

The Alliance of Civilization Institute (MEDIT) on this week hosted a presentation by Dr. Mehmet Ali Üzelgün ve Dr. Önder Küçükural. In this presentation, they talked about their projects which are funded by FST&TUBİTAK. Prof. Recep Şentürk and Prof. Marcin Levinsky are the supervisors of this ongoing projects. According to their announcement, this project is going to be expanded to four years more and including most of the European countries.

Medeniyet Piramiti ve Onun Yan Ayrıtları

The presenter at this week’s conference at Alliance of Civilization Institute (ACI) was Prof. Dr. Selahaddin Halilov. Dr. Halilov presented on “The Civilization Pyramid and Its Side Separations” in Turkish. In his speech, he elaborated on the concept of civilization and culture and explained comparative civilization theories.