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The Alliance of Civilizations Institute began its activities in April 2010 under the auspices of Ibn Khaldun University with a view to providing the academic basis of the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative. The institute is located in the Istanbul Yeni Kapı Dervish Lodge, where Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi’s teachings have been providing an atmosphere of tolerance and peace for centuries. The Institute offers programmes in three languages, Turkish, English and Arabic, and aims to add Spanish soon to its languages of instruction. The institute is primarily geared towards the study of Far Eastern, African, Islamic, Western and Ottoman Civilizations.

The Institute Civilization Studies programme is a first in graduate studies in Turkey. Civilization Studies is an interdiscipliary field of scholarship that has its own unique theoretical approach and methodology. Launching this programme, Ibn Khaldun University, Alliance of Civilizations Institute aims to make a significant contribution to Turkey’s higher education.

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Ban Ki-moon
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The Civilization Studies programme aims to educate individuals who are well-versed in universal values and who will be equipped to lead both scientific research and transfer the knowledge gained to the practical arena

Alliance of Civilizations Institute organizes international events with the Group of Friends of Alliance of Civilizations countries such as conferences, symposia and seminars and facilitates student and lecturer exchange programmes. The Institute provides academic assistance to projects that are within the Alliance of Civilizations programme, such as education, youth, migration, media, environment, culture, tourism, human rights, gender discrimination and integration.